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SCIENCE WITH SOPHIE is an award-winning science comedy series for girls and everyone. Created and hosted by science educator/actor/comedian Sophie Shrand, the characters - all played by Sophie - invite YOU to be a smart, curious, brave, funny scientist every day. Now in Season quaranTHREE, the show has reached over 2 million children worldwide.


Join Sophie to ask questions, try experiments, share a laugh, and sing along as we investigate science in daily life! No matter where we go, there's gotta be some science here...


In each episode you’ll find inclusive comedy, characters, pop culture parodies, universal themes, and cutting edge equity-centered teaching. Through joyful entertainment, Science With Sophie aims to normalize women in STEM and invite everyone in on the fun.

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Sophie tackles nutrients in
Food (Season 1, Episode 1)

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About the host

Sophie Shrand is an award-winning science educator, comedian, actor, and founder/CEO with degrees in Behavioral Neuroscience and Theatre from Northeastern University, Boston and training from the Second City Conservatory, Chicago (see more proverbial hats below; literal hat to the left). Sophie has taught over 25,000 students in the United States and has brought science comedy to hundreds of classrooms across the country, thousands of families at world-renowned museums, and more than 2 million children worldwide. 

Sophie has researched humans and addiction, held brains in her palm, generated three-story lightning bolts, and worked with animals like geckos, skunks, and red-tailed hawks. Sophie’s educational style centers on inquiry and inclusivity: she loves to laugh while learning, and invites you to join in.  As a performer, she has appeared on stages and screens across the country, including the Second City Training Center’s Musical House Ensemble.

Sophie is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Finalist (age cutoffs are rough), 2018 Camelback Ventures fellow, social entrepreneur, executive producer, consultant, and international speaker, as well as a seasoned vocalist, actor, and improviser. Sophie has been called "The Next Bill Nye" by Inverse.



Sophie is represented by The Gersh Agency.

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